She’s Making It Easier To Be A Better Teacher

Emily Feistritzer, a 78-year-old former nun, learned as far back as the 1970s that she didn’t like traditional teaching methods, like talking at students as if she were the expert, and organizing learning around planned lessons. A more collaborative approach, she came to believe, was far better. She founded two education foundations that sought to […]

Op-ed “Online Learning: Crisis And Opportunity”

“I have found that when teachers start using the internet as a primary resource, it changes the way that they teach not just online, but in their classrooms. They find resources that they didn’t know existed, from engaging yoga lessons for 5-year-olds to tours of Machu Picchu that are so realistic that a child feels […]

How A Former Nun Made Millions By Training Teachers

Emily Feistritzer, who was a Catholic nun in her youth, later became a teacher. In 2011, she created TEACH-NOW, a company that trains and certifies teachers around the world. It is now a multimillion-dollar business. William Brangham returns, having caught up with Feistritzer in her Washington, D.C., home. (Watch | PBS NewsHour)